My God Never Dies|2019|Documentary, Short, 18min|Japan|Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic)
Visions du Réel 2019 / Media Library (Switzerland)

Nearly twenty years ago, a Muslim refugee whose face we don’t get to see crossed the border of Myanmar, a country plagued by ethnic-religious conflict. He has since been unsuccessfully applying for asylum in Japan. Deprived of the opportunity to work and live outside a refugee facility, the now-40-year-old man turns to Allah as his last hope for human dignity.

東京浴場 (Tokyo Public Bath)|2019|Documentary, Short, 16min|Director, Cinematographer, Editor


May 26th 2019 was the last day of “Tokyo Yokujo,” a 56 year-old public bath in Tokyo.

Carson Refinery|2012|Experimental, Short 10min|USA|Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Exhibition:  Roy & Edna Disney CalArts Theater , LA 2012

Flowing / Maboroshi|2012|Narrative,  62min|Japan|Writer, Director, Editor
Exhibition: Auditorium Shibuya, 2012

Days|2012|Documentary, Short 5min|USA|Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Exhibition: Downtown Film Festival